Butoh History of Kobayashi Saga
  I. 1969-
Kobayashi Saga began her Career in Butoh under Hijikata Tatsumi, the founder of Butoh. Soon she became one of main members (such as Ashikawa Yoko, Tamano Kouichi, or Waguri Yukio) of Hijikata's productions. To say in another word, her participation took a part to lead and raise Hijikata's "Hijikata Tatsumi Hangi-Daitoukan" and the second Ankoku Butoh School. In Butoh history it was the time of developing Butoh as Butoh. And Kobayashi was at all the productions during this important period in Butoh history.

II. 1972-
Time was matured to be recognized Butoh as Butoh in 1970's. Especially two productions have shown certain unique forms of Butoh. They were "27 nights for four seasons (1972)" and "A silent House-zengo version (1973)". Kobayashi had very important role to establish Hijikata's Butoh and its forms and at the same time influenced coming Butoh artists though-out her works at Hijikata's productions.

Butoh was spread out its attention with astonishment in western countries, too. And Butoh has influenced very much dance in western. Western contemporary dance has very much to do with Butoh still nowadays.

III. 1975-
As Hijikata himself had suggested to his dancers, Kobayashi became independent and founded her own company with Tachibana Ryuichi.

6 years in important period of Hijikata's Hangi-Daitoukan gave Kobayashi different aspects other than dance. Many artists (most of them are nowadays leading Japanese artists) had been with the company and Kobayashi was an important model for them like Hosoe Eitoh, Fukase Masahisa or Araki Tshnenobu.

Independent has given her new ways of her Butoh history to raise coming artists under her lessons or choreographies. But at the same time, Hijikata's influence has been stayed vividly. She had performed also Hijiktata's productions even after her independence, too. One remarkable work was her tour in Europe in 1983. According to the invitation for Hijikata, Hijikata sent Kobayashi Saga and Ashikawa Yoko with the production titled "Nihon no Chibusa(Japanese Breast)".

List of remarkable performances and annual summaries
debut as the role of bride of dog the acant-garde show at Culb Space Capsule in Akasaka, Tokyo

Hangi-Daitoukan company, "Gibasa" at Shinjuku Art Village in Tokyo, and at West Hall, Kyoto University in Kyoto.

"Ningen-za (human theatre)"

"Honegami-touge Hotoke-kazuta" (title is from a novel by Nosaka Akiyuki) at Art Theatre Shinjuku Culture, Tokyo.

series perfomances at Shinjuku Art Village in Tokyo, "Bai(sell) Love" and "Susame-dama".

"" at Musashi University.

"Zannen-Ki", "Bai Love" and "Susame-dama" at West Hall, Kyoto University in Kyoto.

Fountain Hall, Seibu dept, store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo with "Susame-Damazengo verstion"

"27 nights for four seasons" (Housou-tan, Susame-Dama, Gaisi-kou, Nadare-Ame, Gibasa for its pieces) at Art Theater Shinjuku Culture in Tokyo.

"Summer Storm" at West Hall, Kyoto University in Kyoto.

"Silent House - zengo version" as an opening production of Shibuya Seibu theatre (former name of Parco theatre)

Hangi-Daitoukan Hakutoubou troupe founded. It was formed by Hijikata consisted of three female dancers, Kobayashi Saga, Nimura Momoko and Ashikawa Yoko.

Hakutoubou continuously performed at Shinjuku Art Village until 1975 with "Hakutou-zu(white peach picture)", "Beauty and Sickness", "Sun and Moon Ball".

Independence. Kobayashi formed "Suisei Culb(comet culb)" with Ryuichi Tachibana.

Opening performance with "Red shoes" for Suisei Culb at Theatre Green.

"Strange Fruits" at Space Hall, Meidai-mae in Tokyo.

"Story of a liliy of the valley" at west Hall, Kyoto University in Kyoto and at Yotsuya Public Hall in Tokyo.

"Border Lime of 3 a.m." At theatre Green in Tokyo and at Niigata Prefecture Citizen Hall in Nigata.

Collaboration with Hijikata Tatsumi and Hangi-Daitoukan with "Bitter Light" (choreography, direction by Hijikata Tatsumi) at Shibuya Epicurus in Tokyo.

"Aruhei Suger" at Akasaka IAC Hall in Tokyo.

"Strange Fruits II" at Kid-Airakku Hall, Tokyo.

"Moth in February" at Kid-Airakku Hall, Tokyo.

Japan Festival program among other Japanese traditional arts, a tour for 6 European countries.

Kobayashi represented Butoh with Ashikawa Yoko by a Hijikata production, "Nihon no Chibusa (Japanese Breast)" in Denmark, England, France, Italy, Swizerland and Netherlands.

A death of Tachibana dissolved the "Suisei Culb".

Kobayashi Began her solo works, too.

Hijikata Tatsumi Nobe-Okuri(farewell) festival (Hijikata passed away in '86)

solo "Susa -for my father who passed away" at Ebisu Factory-1, Tokyo

jam performance for "Gunomu" at Shibuya Jan-Jan, Tokyo

solo "Susa II" at nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo

Joined " Body as an icon" Organized by Asbestos-Kan a performance at the Hijikata Exhibition, Hiroshima Modern Museum in Hiroshima.


a performance for Hijikata's 7th anniversary from his death "Holy Arch". a performance for Terpsichore 10th anniversary plan, "The society of solo by 5 women".

"Peace (eye) of Dog" at Tabata Die Pratze, Tokyo.

"Kanata (Far Away)" at Shibuya Jan-Jan, Tokyo.

"Long Dream" at Takatanobaba Proto Theatre, Tokyo.

Germany: Mamu Butoh Festival in Gecchinghen with a solo "Far Away"

"Aura" at Shinjuku Tiny Alice, Tokyo.

Collaboration with Tamano Kouichi, "Fu-gi(ceremony)" at Tokyo FM Hall, Tokyo.

Kobayashi Saga + Kirin "Winter Moon" at Terpsichore in Tokyo.

formed " Kobayashi Saga + Kirin"

"White Melting" at Yokohama Iwama Civilian Plaza

"Old Charm Sign" at Terpsichore, Tokyo.

U.S.A: San Francisco Butoh Festival, "Butoh Illusion"

Theater-X International Dance Festival, "Butoh Illusion"

Organized Hijikata Tatsumi 10th anniversary after his death at Terpsichore in Tokyo, and performed "Jiya".

"Sha'men" ( choreographed and directed by Maro Akaji) at Sinjuku Lumine Hall ACT in Tokyo.

U.S.A: a workshop in San Francisco

Italy: International Performing Art Festival, "Gokikaburi".

"The Slope that named GHOST" at Die Pratze in Tokyo.

changed the troupe's name " Kobayashi Saga + Nosuri"

M.M.A.C Dance Festival, " Usuba-Kagerou" at Panasonic Globe theatre, Tokyo.

Germany: for Mainz city's project " the conversation with the earth", "Haikagura" production.

France: MDLC Art Festival, "Aura". also collaborations with different
artists over Europe.

Hijiikata Tatsumi '98 project -8nights for Butoh, to the direction of Tatsumi (northeast) at Terpsichore in Tokkyo, "Aura".

Butoh AURA series began with "Gesshi (teeth of the moon)" at Die Pratze in Tokyo.

A guest, the celebration for the opening of "Hijikatta Tatsumi Archives" Keio University. Kobayashi gave a speech on "27 nights for four seasons" at a symposium.

France: Via # 5 Festival, "AURA".

Butoh AURA series vol.2 "Tsuki-hime (Moon princess)/unconscious flower" at Setagaya Theatre Tram, Tokyo.

"Wanna see the Dance! 2" festival with "Jyo-jyoshi" at Die Pratze in Tokyo.

Butoh AURA series vol.3 "TsukiTsukiTsuki/Mikaduki/Mayu(moon,mooon,moon/a new moon/a cocoon)" at Kawaguchi Contemporary art museum.

Butoh AURA series vol.4 "Tousou-fuga (escape-fuga)" Nakano Plan B, Tokyo

Guest lecture of " Hijikata Tatsumi " at Setagaya Public Theatre.

"Wanna see the Dance! 3" festival -Butoh'ten of 21st century, with" a glass turning to be crazy"

Guest performance for "Collection 2002" at Die Pratze, Tokyo.

"JADE 2002", the International Dance Festival, as a teacher for a Butoh seminar.

"Wanna see the Dance! 4" festival, with Butoh AURA series vol.5 "Funichiki" in Tokyo.

Finland: Anti Festival in Kuopio, "Aura /White Petal"

"JADE2003" the International Dance Festival, Hijikata memorial

"Butoh dancer Tatsumi Hijikata " at Kawasaki Okamoto Taro museum

Guest performance "2 memories" for Theatre X

"Wanna see the Dance! 6" festival, with "Aura histerica/ ero", at Die Pratze, Tokyo

"Kobayashi Saga butoh night -Butoh illusion" at International Culture

Hosoe Eikoh photo collection "Kamaitachi" (Butoh/ Hijikata Tatsumi),  a
facsimile publishing party

"Tokyo Dance organization -like 70's", TOKYO SCENE 2005

"Third Room Thanatos 6", Opening event

Guest performance "Higuma Haruo Invention/ mizu to mizu(water and water)"

"70's in primary colors |Maihime Saga +35-" (Anniversary event for Kobayashi Sagafs 35th butoh history) at Gallery LE DECO

"Ume no sunakusa -Words of Butoh / written by Saga Kobayashi" Published by Atelier Third

Kamata Taiji exhibition "Watou-ten" Opening event "Tainai yori Tuki wo Miru" flute/ Kurosaki Takao, at Matsubara Ken Atelier Gallery SPACE

Sagamihara artists association exhabition, celebration of the 15th
anniversary of the foundation, Toronto city art exchange openinig
reception, "Kitsune no Yomeiri(a wedding of fox)" at Sagamihara
citizen gallary

"Dance Selection -Fumihazushi vol.5" at Theatre Babylon, Tokyo
"Ma Gu Sa Re" performer/ Kobayashi Saga, Miyashita Shouji, Naruse Nobuhiko Music/ Ishikawa Raita Sound/ Adachi Garan Lighting/ Atsuko Uno.

Finland: Butoh workshop and lecture for 5 days at the academy of fine arts of Finland in Helsinki

Movie "Ma Gu Sa Re" director/ Tsutsui Katsuhiko Performer/ Kobayashi Saga, Miyashita Shouji, Naruse Nobuhiko at Thanatos 6, Tokyo.

"Seoul experimental drama festival / Korea Japan art relay 2007"

"Rapuka" composition/ Kobayashi Saga Sponsor/ Theatre zero at NOWON Culture & Art Center

"Kobayashi Saga solo Butoh performance -Hanbunmu (Half Dream)" at Theatre Babylon, Tokyo Direction & Perfomance/ Kobayashi Saga Music/ Ishikawa Raita Lighting/ Aikawa Masaaki Art&Costume/ Kobayashi Kazufumi, Kai Sayaka Sound/ Adachi Garan Cooperation/ Tokyo Babylon Organaization/ NOSURI

"Dance Selection -Fumihazushi vol.6" at Theatre Babylon, Tokyo. "Ko/Gi/Tooon" Perfomance/ Kobayashi Saga + NOSURI Direction & Choreography/ Kobayashi Saga Music/ Ishikawa Raita Lighting/ Aikawa Masaaki Sound/ Adachi Garan

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